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DHSMV approved documentation for determining DUI Program Jurisdiction in accordance with FAC 15A-10.009

Proof of Residence:

  • Deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet or residential rental/lease agreement
  • Florida Voter Registration Card
  • Florida Vehicle Registration or Title. Print a duplicate registration at
  • Florida Boat Registration or Title (if living on a boat/houseboat). Print a duplicate registration at
  • Two proofs of residential address from applicant's parent, step-parent, legal guardian or other person with whom the applicant resides, along with (see next)
  • A statement from a parent, step-parent, legal guardian or other person with whom the applicant resides, combined with two proofs of their residential address (see above)
  • A utility hook up or work order dated within 60 days of the application
  • Automobile Payment Booklet
  • Selective Service Card
  • Medical or health card with address listed
  • Current homeowner’s insurance policy or bill
  • Current automobile insurance policy or bill
  • Educational institution transcript forms for the current school year
  • Unexpired professional license issued by a government agency in the U.S.
  • W-2 form or 1099 form
  • Form DS2019, Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) status
  • A letter from a homeless shelter, transitional service provider, or a half-way house verifying that they receive mail for the customer. The letter must be accompanied by the Certification of Address Form (see next)
  • Certification of Address Form combined with a letter from a homeless shelter, transitional service provider, or a half-way house (see above)
  • Utility bills, not more than two months old
  • Mail from financial institutions; including checking, savings, or investment account statements, not more than two months old
  • Mail from Federal, State, County or City government agencies (including city and county agencies)
  • Transients – Sexual Offender/Predator/Career Offender: - FDLE Registration form completed by local sheriff’s department

Proof of Work:

  • A current pay stub, recent W-2, letter from employer.

Proof of School Attendance:

  • Proof of Enrollment statement from the school.

Welcome to our DUI Online Registration!


Credit/Debit Card Payment ONLY – Visa or Mastercard

Enrollees must live, work or attend school in either Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion or Sumter County, in order to register for the DUI program with West Central Florida Driver Improvement, Inc., unless written permission from a licensed DUI Program on its own letterhead can be provided. If this exception is desired, please come in to our offices to register in person, as online registration is unavailable for out of county registrations. Office locations and hours for DUI Program enrollment are listed below:

Citrus County Lake County Marion County Sumter County Hernando County
(352) 726-8862 (352) 343-4008 (352) 622-6991 (800) 226-9838 (352) 540-9005
Wed and Fri Mon - Thur Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri Mon, Tue, Thur
Contact the office for registration appointment time

Please be advised that you are JUST BEGINNING the registration process. In order to COMPLETE the registration process, you will need to schedule a registration appointment and report, IN PERSON with required documents, and complete all required DUI enrollment paperwork to schedule your class and evaluation appointments.
You must bring with you the following required documents:

  1. Florida identification card or Agency Approved Official Photo Identification.
  2. Additional documentation to confirm that you live, work or attend school in one of the five counties within which WCFDI is licensed to serve in order to verify program jurisdiction by Florida Administrative Code. For more information Click Here for Approved Documentation Click Here
  3. Copy of traffic tickets/citations issued on date of arrest with a Readable Copy of Arrest Report/Probable Cause report. This should include breathalyzer and/or urine/toxicology report and can be obtained at the Clerk of the Court in the county where the DUI arrest occurred, or from the arresting agency. If you have an attorney and/or probation officer, they possibly will have a copy of these documents.
  4. Court Information (notice of hearing, etc.) If already sentenced, a copy of the court order/final judgement.
  5. Official Lifetime Florida Driving Record (must be less than 2 weeks old at enrollment). DRIVING RECORDS OBTAINED VIA THE INTERNET ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  6. Forms watermarked "unofficial document" will not be accepted.

If you have questions about obtaining the required documents, our enrollment staff will be happy to assist you at the office telephone numbers noted above.

It is your responsibility to contact WCFDI to schedule a registration appointment. Remember, your class and evaluation appointment cannot be scheduled prior to the “in person” completion of the registration process. Please be aware also that you have 90 days from the on-line payment date to complete your registration in person, and then also complete the assigned class and evaluation. Failure to do so will result in loss of your fee payment and notification to DHSMV of your failure to complete the DUI program.

The use of alcohol and/or controlled substances prior to and/or during enrollment, class or evaluation is not permitted. A breath test may be administered prior to enrollment, class and the evaluation. If positive, you must pay the entire fee again and attend all components again, as per DHSMV Rules.

The Level I DUI course is for first time offenders who have never had a previous alcohol or drug related traffic charge or arrest or attended a DUI course at any location at any time in their entire lifetime, and who despite being first time offenders, have not been court ordered to complete a Level 2 DUI program. If false or misleading information is given concerning previous alcohol or drug related charges/arrests, convictions or previous attendance to a DUI program, West Central Florida Driver Improvement, Inc reserves the right to charge the full Level II DUI Program fee in addition to any fees paid and the Level II DUI course will be required.

The Level II DUI course is for persons who have previously attended a Level I DUI course at any location at any time in their entire lifetime or have been charged/convicted two or more times of an offense requiring DUI school attendance, or are first time offenders who have been court ordered to complete a Level 2 DUI program.

Change From Level I to Level II DUI Program
All offenders registering for the State of Florida's licensed DUI Program are required to adhere to requirements set forth in Florida's Administrative Code (FAC) 15A-10 and Florida Statutes. The Judicial requirements for DUI Program completion may be different from requirements set forth in FAC 15A-10 to satisfy “administrative” sanctions for driver license reinstatement. Therefore, it is vitally important you review the following information.
  1. The offender is responsible for providing accurate information needed to determine the appropriate program (Level I for first offender or Level II for multiple offender) to register in and complete.
  2. Failure to provide accurate information at the time of initial DUI registration may result in cancellation of any driver license reinstatement, if applicable.
  3. Identification of additional DUI Program attendance requirements, after the initial Level I registration date, will result in immediate notification to DHSMV and the Level I DUI Program registration will no longer be valid. FEES FOR LEVEL I ENROLLMENT ARE NOT REFUNDABLE!
  4. The offender must then enroll in the Level II (multiple offender) DUI Program at full fee in order to satisfy DUI Program Requirements.

The above information is being shared with offenders to help prevent added expense in order to comply with DUI Program attendance/completion requirements. However, the offender’s failure to provide accurate information upon registration could impede this process and be more costly.
By continuing with this enrollment, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the importance of providing accurate information during DUI Program registration. I agree to cooperate with WCFDI to ensure appropriate DUI Program attendance/completion information is reviewed. I understand that my failure to provide all necessary information for registration will result in payment of the full fee to enroll in the Level II DUI Program and absolutely No Refund of the initial Level I registration will be provided.

Failure to complete all or part of the program (class and evaluation attendance) within 90 days of payment (enrollment) will result in notification to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of failure to complete and forfeiture of all fees paid.

Please be advised that information regarding drug and alcohol patient records is protected by Federal Confidentiality Rules (42 CFR Part 2). The Federal rules prohibit West Central Florida Driver Improvement, Inc from making any further disclosure of this information unless further disclosure is expressly permitted by the written consent of the person to whom it pertains or as otherwise permitted by 42 CFR Part 2. A general authorization for the release of medical or other information is NOT sufficient for this purpose. The Federal rules restrict any use of the information to criminally investigate or prosecute any alcohol or drug abuse patient.

Level I registration fee is $330.50 and Level II registration fee is $490.00. These fees include a Florida state assessment fee ($15.00) and a breath testing fee ($3.00).  Also included is a service fee ($10.50 or $15.00 respectively) and an online processing fee ($7.00). The full registration fee above is due on the final page of this registration. Payment of fees is acknowledgement and agreement to the program rules and regulations. All fees payable to West Central Florida Driver Improvement, Inc are non-refundable, even if you are found not guilty of the DUI and your administrative suspension is invalidated.

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